Lindbergh Elementary students choose to read newspapers

It is hard to imagine that a generation that has grown up with playstations, personal computers, laptops and the internet, would still choose to read a newspaper.

But, for a group of fifth grade students at Lindbergh Elementary School, it is a daily routine. Encouraged by their teacher Kent Gomez, reading and understanding a newspaper has become second nature.

Several months ago the students in Mr. Gomez’s class began to learn about newspapers, and they liked them.

To help the students get a better understanding of what the purpose of a newspaper is, they were encouraged to make their own. “It was fun. We got into different groups and each group had something different to work on. We had editors and everything,” said student Eric Strack. “I was even able to interview the principal,” he added.

“I was the sports editor. I really enjoy reading the sports section,” said Will Delaney.

The students’ newspaper had many of the basics. They were sure to include a kids page, comics, sports, weather and even a business section. “The business section is my favorite part of the newspaper. Some of us are in a class that involves stocks and bonds, and the newspaper helps us stay on top of things,” said Jordan Gerads.

The students were very clear about what they liked, and did not like about newspapers. The comics, puzzles, sports, entertainment, business and news were the big winners among the students. And, almost all cited the classifieds as their least favorite. “But, we know that they’re really popular with adults. That’s where they find the garage sales and stuff,” said Gerads.

Every day Mr. Gomez’s class has 20 minutes of free reading time. Many of the students said they choose to read the paper over the other reading materials. “It has more variety and is more interesting,” the students said.

There were several complaints about newspapers, however. “They should have more stuff for us. A kids’ page, comics and wuzzles. That would be cool,” the students said in agreement.

Many of the students said that their parents read the newspaper all the time. “It encourages you to read it when they do,” said Lucy Prosapio.

“Journalism and photography might be really interesting to study in the future,” said Prosapio. The other budding journalists agreed.

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