Area adult golf league action

Little Falls Canadian Cup
• 18-HOLE GOLD DIVISION: Leader–(tie) Charlie’s Pizza and 3-D’s, 22. Low Gross–Bob Drosky, 75. Low Net–Bill Hubbard, 85.

• 18-HOLE BLUE DIVISION: Leader–(tie) North Star Drilling and Red Bull Barcardi Boys, 20; Low Gross–Mike Casillas, 77. Low Net–Casillas, 64.

• WESTERN: Leader–Red Bull II, 27. Low Gross–(tie) Luke Liebel and Craig Zylka, 37s. Low Net–(tie) Liebel and Knute Hegna, 32s.

• NORTHERN DIVISION: Leader– KLTF Swingers, 28. Low Gross– Ryan Norwood, 42. Low Net–Ted Pfohl, 34.

• EASTERN DIVISION: Leader– Farm Bureau Insurance, 20. Low Gross–Doug Veillette, 41. Low Net–(tie) Steve VanSlooten, Eric Betlock, Dave McChesney and Cody LeMieur, 34s.

• SOUTHERN DIVISION: Leader– Bermel’s Barbers, 25. Low Gross– Bruce Sargent, 37. Low Net–Dick Post, 29.

• SOUTHWESTERN DIVISION: Leader–Hanneken Insurance, 25. Low Gross–Brian Loshe, 42. Low Net–Don Johnson, 31.

•• HIGHLIGHTS: Longest Putt– (No. 9) Bob Tabatt, (No. 18) Lohse. Longest Drive–(No. 8) Staab, (No. 14) Steve Messerschmidt. Closest to Pin–(No. 6) Post, (No. 16) Charlie Peterka. Sandbagger of the Week– Post, 29.

Little Falls Women’s
• MORNING DIVISION: Leader– Pine Ridge Golf Course, 20. Low Actual–Susie Prosapio, 45. Low Net–Alice Archer, 30. Shortest Putt–(no. 4) Maria Jorgenson. Guess Your Score–Caroline Held, 52. Lowest Number of Putts–Dee Hanowski, 15.

• EVENING DIVISION: Leader– Dairy Queen, 27. Low Actual– Allyson Lundeen, 47. Low Net– Laurie Whitlow, 36. Shortest Putt– (no. 4) Judy Eckblad and Norma Johnson. Guess Your Score–Sheri Bengtson, 55. Lowest Number of Putts–Eileen Paterson, 16.

Pierz Men’s


• VIKINGS DIVISION: Leader– Bootleggers , 24.

• TIMBERWOLVES DIVISION: Leader–(tie) Sunrise Ag and Green Berets, 21.

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