Draft of book on the history of Little Falls is completed

A draft of a text book on the history of Little Falls, prepared primarily for students in grades three through eight, was presented to the Little Falls City Council for its review. The book, complete with a teacher’s manual, was written by Mary Warner, Jan Warner and Ann Marie Johnson.

Jan Warner, when contacted by the Record, gave an update on the book. “It’s at the printers presently,” she said. “We’ve ordered 400 books. However, a few more steps—like plans made with the school district—will have to be taken before the text can officially be added to the schools’ curriculums.”

In another matter, at their Monday evening planning meeting, the council members discussed what pay the police officer should receive when he goes to get, and train with, the “drug dog” in Texas. With the trip taking 16 days, the question faced was whether the officer should get pay for the 90 hours he would normally get over a two week period, or for 160 hours which would include time and a half.

The decision was eventually made that, since the council had authorized getting the dog, along with the necessary training involved, the officer should be paid for all the days the trip will require.

In other business, the council was informed that lightning had done serious damage to the controllers in the city’s two main lift stations. The pumps are therefore being overworked.

“We’ve had some serious problems the last couple of weeks,” said Art Cherry of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. He went on to add that, because the controllers are so old, there are no parts available for their repair.

The council members concluded by giving their unofficial approval for the purchase of two new controllers. Cost for the two has been set at $100,000. City Administrator Rich Carlson emphasized, however, that the wastewater treatment fund did have $110,000 set aside for necessary projects.

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