School requests support for summer recreation programs

Although summer vacation is six months away, plans are being formulated now for summer youth activities. Mary Tschida, community education director for the Pierz School District, met with the Pierz City Council Monday night to talk about funding the summer recreation programs.

According to statistics presented by the director based on last year’s participation, 29 percent were from the city of Pierz. In real numbers, that means of the 564 students involved in 11 activities, 163 came from the immediate community. Pierz and Agram Townships were next by registering 86 and 80, respectively.

Because the school district took over administration of all summer programs in recent years, including swimming lessons in 2000, Tschida asked the city for a financial commitment. The advisory council suggested $2 per capita, which comes to $2,300 using the current population of 1,150. Letters would be sent to other communities and townships in the district appealing for similar support based on their specific participation and census information.

Although charitable gambling organizations donated $8,000 to last year’s programs and the Sullivan Lake Property Owners Association made a one-time contribution of $2,200 towards the swimming program, there are concerns that such resources may not be available in the future.

User fees were charged ranging from $10 to $45 for the various activities. Reasonable fees still would be charged, but the idea is to keep them low enough so as not to exclude anybody, pointed out Tschida.

According to last year’s report, the following events took place with participation in parenthesis: All-Comer Track (95); Babysitting Clinic (13); Baseball (114); Basketball Camp (52), Prairie Fire Theater (45); Tennis Camps (54); Tumbling (12), Soccer (126); Youth Softball (37); Swimming Program (118); and Volleyball Camp (10).

A decision is anticipated in January to allow for letters to go out in time for township meetings.

In other business Monday night, the Pierz City Council:

• Authorized the purchase of new, more accurate electric locator equipment at an estimated cost of $3,370. Maintenance is having a difficult time finding all the underground fault lines with the old locator;

• Set April 19 at 1 p.m. at City Hall as the annual Board of Review date, as suggested by the County Assessor;

• Determined that the city now can produce its own financial statement and will discontinue outside accounting services effective January 1. J. Marshik CPA will be completing the 2000 report as usual. The city can save $325 per month by doing the work in-house;

• Authorized advertising for the vacant clubhouse manager position for three weeks in the Morrison County Record and posting in college career placement offices. An application form and a revised job description can be picked up at City Hall. Deadline is December 22;

• Reminds residents that the state mandated Truth In Taxation public hearing is set for Monday, December 4 at 630 p.m. at City Hall when budget and levy information will be presented. The council is proposing increasing the property tax levy by $15,000 to pay for city services, operations and equipment; and,

• Invites city residents interested in serving on the Park Board or the Planning and Zoning Commission to call Lynn at City Hall. Expiring at the end of the year are two Park Board terms and three Planning and Zoning seats. Current members are welcome to reapply. The job pays $15 per meeting attended. New appointments will be made at the January 8 organizational meeting.

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