District 484 special elections facts

This week we will discuss Question No. 1 (Classrooms and Site Improvements) and Question No. 2 (Gymnasium) of the bond referendum, and the voting procedure for the bond referendum.

On February 20, 2001, Pierz School District 484 is holding a bond referendum vote on two building questions. Registered voters in the district are eligible to vote. If you are not registered you may register at the polling places on February 20, 2001. The polling places will be open between the hours of noon and 8 p.m. Vote in the city hall that is in your precinct. The polling places are Harding City Hall, Lastrup City Hall, Buckman City Hall, and Pierz City Hall.

If you will not be able to vote in person on February 20, 2001, you may request an absentee ballot at the High School Business Office by calling (320) 468-6458, extension 1201. This ballot will be for the polling place bond referendums only.

We need additional classrooms at Pioneer Elementary so we can stop leasing temporary buildings. There are more students enrolled and we would like to get class sizes down to 17 per class. We also have developed 25 additional programs in our district to get our children off to a good start. The added programs point to a need for additional room at the grade school.

The tennis courts we have now are in great shape. Due to the growing popularity of tennis, we need additional courts. We need more so the practices and meets can finish at a reasonable time and still allow time for all to participate. The phy-ed programs also need the space so all the kids can participate in class. The fill that is removed from the track and parking lot will be used for the base of the tennis courts so it will not cost very much at this time.

Right now the track is not being used because it is unsafe for our children. We are currently using the track at Little Falls for our meets. In order for conference and sectional meets to be held at Pierz, the track needs to be extended from six-and-one-half lanes to eight. There will also be new bleachers put in with safety features and a fence to protect the track.

The parking lot is 30 years old and in poor shape and needs to be rebuilt.

Question No. 1 (Classrooms and Site Improvements) of the bond referendum is not to exceed $3,260,000.

Question No. 2 (Gymnasium) of the bond referendum is not to exceed $2,270,000. Question No. 2 (Gymnasium) can pass only if Question No. 1 (Classrooms and Site Improvements) passes. Question No. 1 (Classrooms and Site Improvements) can pass even if Question No. 2 (Gymnasium) does not pass.

The voters are given a choice on whether they want a gymnasium in addition to the repairs and improvements needed in the school district. There is not enough gym space to accommodate all the teams in all the sports that need to practice. Even with a new gymnasium the gym at Holy Trinity would still be used.

There will be seating in the new gymnasium for 800 people.

The total cost of both Questions is $5,530,000 and will be paid off over a 20-year period. State share of the building referendums: 43 percent or 43 cents on every dollar. Local share of the building referendums: 56 percent or 56 cents on every dollar.

Please refer back to last week’s insert for the tax impact of this bond referendum. The public meeting for the special elections will be held Wednesday, February 7, at 7:30 p.m. in the high school cafeteria.

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