Give support to the MINE program
To the Editor:

I would like to make a plea to each and every community member, to please help stop violence in our homes, schools, streets and businesses. As a community, how can we expect our children to turn off the violence, when as parents and educators, we are promoting violence in our social environment?

I am very disappointed in two of our local groups who have planned and promoted “Murder on the Mind,” and “How to Murder Your Boss.” Local families attended and enjoyed both events. I have a very sad and violent background.

I used to enjoy buying cap guns and noisy toy guns for my brothers and nephews. Problem solving for me was some kind of violence. My education came from the school of hard knocks, when I was informed that my 18 year old daughter was shot and stabbed to death, and left in a ditch to die. A lonely blade of grass wrapped around her finger was her last grasp of something to hold onto before she died. That was April 26, 1990. This year on May 14 the day after Mother’s Day she would have celebrated her 31st. birthday. I support the MINE program as best I can. Sometimes I have to remind myself after the fact that a situation I attend or take part in is not right and I choose to not do it again. That’s part of learning and making choices.

Imagine getting together with the community and planning the rape of a young man or woman, would that be entertaining to any of us? Planning a violent act should not be entertainment. Imagine the families that have to plan funeral arrangements for their loved ones. The whole time they are asking God “WHY.” Many years ago we lost local law enforcement men to violence here in our community. It was not entertainment for the community then or would it be now. We have many leaders now in Morrison County who volunteer many thousands of hours for our youth today. We all need to be positive role models. I believe we cannot be a role model if we continue to promote violence. We have the power to educate the children. They are the future.

Education starts at home, continues in our schools, churches, streets and community. We are the community and the educators. Let’s stop passing the blame, rethink our choices so we can provide a happy and safe community for everyone. Let all of us start our diet today of healthy choices. Help stop the violence together. I would like to add that this is not a letter to sabotage any choices made by planners and people in attendance. Its a plea for educating ourselves about the “MINE PROGRAM.” Please feel free to contact me about literature on the “MINE PROGRAM.” —Barbara J. Hoheisel Rekowski, Little Falls

Invest some of surplus in state employees
To the Editor:

As Governor Ventura’s fiscal priorities become clearer, many labor and office administrative positions are again in danger. At Camp Ripley, we have experienced layoffs in recent years that significantly reduced the number of jobs in these areas. You may have noticed when calling the camp, that you no longer get personalized attention. Voice recordings are a direct result of these cuts. Over the past decade, service delivery in many state agencies has deteriorated badly. Important work to protect the environment, provide citizens with health services, or carry out other work of the state are being compromised. When agencies don’t get budget increases to match inflation, they still have to pay employee health care costs, which are rising out of control. AFSCME employees need your help in supporting initiatives to adequately staff state government. We want to make your experience when dealing with state government better. Let’s invest some of the surplus in the state employees who are doing Minnesota’s work. The dollars brought into our community as a result of Camp Ripley’s presence are invaluable.—Debbie L. Zimmerman, Little Falls.

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