April 6, 2001

Our April Fool’s Day pages in last week’s Record certainly brought lots of comments, both pro and con. The “pros” enjoyed the outlandish stories, to the point of laughing out loud while reading them. The “cons” were concerned that some of the stories were too believable and therefore misleading to our readers, and we only marked the first page as the “April Fool’s Day Section” rather than all three of the pages. In one case at least, the reader felt we “put down” a local district. We like to get the pros, of course, but we really need to hear the cons if we are going to learn from you and do better in the future. You made some very valid points. The section should have been more clearly marked, and we should have ended each story with “April Fool”. Thank you for taking your time to give us your opinion. We will try to do better in the future.

The US Air Force Band Concert last Wednesday night was terrific. I knew most of the group had Master of Music Degrees, and that several had played with symphony orchestras, but I didn’t expect them to be such professional entertainers as well as great musicians. When I commented on that to one of the performers, he said that it isn’t difficult to really get into the spirit when you have a packed house like we had, and especially when you had an audience as receptive as this one. They were clapping in time, whistling or whatever the music called for.

The Air Force has quite a few different bands that perform throughout the United States. The Concert Band we sponsored in 1994 was based in Omaha, Nebraska, and the band that played Wednesday night is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The person that schedules the booking for the Colorado group assured me that, if any of the groups he schedules comes this way, he will definitely contact us again. They really enjoyed the Morrison County audience. He also schedules their big Concert Orchestra and will note “Little Falls” on that agenda, too. Someone asked why we had scheduled the band for a Wednesday night during Lent. It was the only night we could get them. They played in Alexandria on April 3rd and were committed to play in Brainerd on April 5th, so it was Wednesday night or nothing. So we took the Wednesday night. I would like to thank the Record staff who helped do the artwork for ads, programs and tickets, and the staff members who helped hand out programs the night of the concert. Also, thank you to the Little Falls Community High School for the use of the Charles D. Martin Auditorium. A special thanks to Dwight Nelson who arranged the stage, the changing rooms for the band, and ran the lighting during the concert. And a big “thank you” to everyone who attended the performance and gave the band such a warm reception, and to all those who called and sent thank you notes. You’re great!

The post office is considering canceling Saturday mail delivery because they are facing huge financial losses. I wondered why, especially since they just put through a rate increase this past year, until I started thinking about all the e-mail we send and receive. We still do a lot of mailing, of course, but e-mail is so fast and easy that a lot of our messages go over the Internet now. We have also cut back on long distance phone calls because of the Internet. I have a young student Pen Pal in China who hopes to go into journalism someday, and there are no long-distance charges when I e-mail her. It really IS a World Wide Web.

What causes fruit flies? We don’t have fruit around the office, but last Thursday, we suddenly had fruit flies. How do you get rid of fruit flies, especially if you don’t know the source? We have some flowers around the office, which we aren’t real anxious to toss, and if they are the culprit, shouldn’t those pesky little things be called “flower flies” instead of “fruit flies”?

This issue of the Record includes a listing of Holy Week Services for Churches in the area. This is an important time, if not the most important time, in the Christian year, and I hope you will thank the businesses listed on the Church Services pages for bringing this information to you.

This week’s Sermon in a Sentence says: “Falling down doesn’t make you a failure, but staying down does.”

See you next week, Carol

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