Houle interviewed for county administrator position

At a special meeting on Thursday, the Morrison County Commissioners interviewed County Coordinator Tim Houle for the position of county administrator. Also attending were department heads who were allowed to ask questions if they wished.

The administrator position had been created at a previous meeting on a 3-2 vote with Commissioners Bill Block and Don Meyer voting no. The job rating and description had also been previously approved.

Houle was asked what specific things would change as administrator. He explained that by state statute the administrator is responsible for the budgeting process. He stressed the importance of a strong working relationship between the auditor and the administrator during the process.

Houle also noted that it would give more accountability to seeing board directives carried out.

The questions during the interview centered around cost of the position and the relationship between the board and department heads.

Houle noted that there should be no change in the relationship between the board and department heads and that the cost would be approximately $2,700 more due to the rating of the position at a higher grade than the coordinator.

Following the discussion the commissioners agreed that the issue of hiring Houle as the administrator would be placed on the Sept. 11 board agenda.

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