LF School Board receives fall activities update

Members of the Little Falls School Board were given a review of the district’s fall activities at their Monday afternoon meeting.

Mike Olson, high school activities director, presented the board with an updated report of the progress, changes and challenges for the district during the fall activities season.

He said, “District administration began the fall season by stressing that what happens after school is part of the whole educational process and should be considered a part of the students’ co-curricular learning.”

He reported changes in the chemical violation policy made by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHL) of which the district is a member. The board was told that the word “possession” had been added to the league’s violation policy and that previously, only the word “consumption” had been written into it.

In addition, the MSHL policy now requires school officials to report any paraphernalia related to chemical use that is found on a student to be reported to law enforcement agencies.

Olson informed board members that during the fall activities season a new student organization was formed. “It works as a sounding board for me. It gives me an opportunity to gain the student’s perspective on issues involving co-curricular learning,” he said.

The student group has named themselves FALC (Flyer Activities Leadership Council) and many of the students that belong to the organization are involved in several co-curricular activities.

FALC began its operation by forming two subcommittees. The first committee has tried to encourage more students at the high school to wear their letter jackets—earned by students after certain criteria in a particular activity has been met. The group has discussed changing jacket style completely and/or the school colors.

The second subcommittee was formed as a public relations effort to increase awareness in the community about co-curricular activities. These students meet with civic and community groups, in an attempt to increase their involvement in the activities and explain the long-term benefits of being involved in co-curricular learning.

Olson also reported that at the Middle School level, the number of students participating in fall activities had decreased from last year, and the reasons for the decline would be addressed in the future.

In other business, the board:

• Approved the cleaner’s contract which includes a total package of a 6 percent increase over two years;

• Tabled the Internet Acceptable Use Policy; and,

• Agreed to keep the community updated on the district’s new strategic direction which will stress a safe and welcoming learning environment, high student achievement and efficient and effective operations of district business.

The next meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee is Monday, Dec. 3, at 6 p.m. at the Skylab of Lindbergh Elementary. The community is welcome to attend and participate.

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