MC residents should hold on in the market

Another day, another dip in the stock market return numbers. When is it time to get out? Should investors ride it out?

According to Kevin Davis, investment consultant at Community First in Little Falls, “This is not the time to sell; it’s the time to buy–if your investment time horizon is five years plus.

“This is a normal market fluctuation,” Davis continued when asked to explain all the bad news consistently delivered in various news reports. “This is part of being in the market. You don’t have good times without bad times. If you’re in it for the long term, the peaks will rise above the valleys. If you have good quality investments, you need to ride this out.”

Davis said he has heard from investors on a daily basis who are concerned and worried about their money in the market. He said he reassures them that the market has taken steps backward before and if they ride it out, they will benefit.

“I reaffirm to them that you don’t buy when it’s high and sell when it’s low,” he said.

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