Council takes action to pull Mel’s On 10 liquor license

Friday afternoon (Feb. 28) the Royalton City Council pulled the liquor license at Mel’s On 10. The business is presently owned and operated by JKW Enterprises, Jody Waldvogel.

Discussing the issue at a special meeting, Mayor Lori Kowalczyk informed council members that the business was operating in violation of city ordinance as it had no insurance and the taxes were not current.

Kowalczyk added, “The state said we should have been notified by the insurance company when it was not renewed.”

Police Chief Jeff VanGrinsven said, “I received a call this morning, investigated and this is when we found out.”

He added, “Right now the city would be liable if we allow him to continue to operate when he is not in compliance with our ordinances. All we are doing is forcing the sale more or less.”

It had been reported at the Feb. 18 council meeting that the business was sold and closing was scheduled for Feb. 28. At the meeting Friday it was noted that it would not happen on the 28th.

According to Kowalczyk the council cannot close the business, but can pull its liquor license. The business can continue to sell food as that license is issued through Morrison County Public Health.

Describing what action would be taken, VanGrinsven said the license would be removed from the premises and Waldvogel would have to remove all liquor and signage from the view of the public. VanGrinsven said, “We will give him until 4 or 5 p.m. depending on when the attorney gets the paper work to us.”

The motion to pull the license pending a hearing, scheduled for April 8 at 7:15 p.m, was made by Don Feiler and seconded by Tony Duevel.

Councilman Denny Cekalla asked, “If he comes in with proof that the taxes and insurance are paid will we allow him to continue to operate.”

After discussion the council agreed that if proof was shown and confirmed the business could operate.

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