New fish limits take effect May 10

New limits for crappie, sunfish, lake trout and catfish will take effect on May 10, which is the 2003 fishing opener.

Daily and possession crappie limits will go from 15 to 10, sunfish from 30 to 20, and lake trout from three to two. The catfish limits will remain at five, but only one may be more than 24 inches and only two may be flathead catfish.

There has been confusion among anglers because the start date for the new regulations is not listed in the 2003 Minnesota Fishing Regulations Book, said Linda Erickson-Eastwood, program manager for the DNR Division of Fisheries.

“We want to be clear that the new regulations for crappie, sunfish, lake trout and catfish take effect on May 10,” Erickson-Eastwood said.

The limit changes are the result of extensive biological analysis and public input that began about two years ago. During the public input process, the DNR received more than 5,000 comments and held 19 public meetings statewide.

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