December Employee of the Month named

Chosen for the honor was Mary Austin, assistant manager at Taco John’s for the past four years.

Her employer Justin Bieganek said, “Mary brings an extraordinary spin to Taco John’s. She always greets you with a warm smile and friendly hello and means it. I met Mary a year and a half ago and have learn a lot from her. If anyone needs or just wants to see a warm friendly face, come in to Taco John’s and say hi and to congratulate Mary. And don’t forget to keep smiling.”

Her manager, Yvonne Kempenich said, “Mary is a pleasure to work with. She’s warm, friendly and caring. She will always bring out the best in people. She has a very kind spirit and shows it to everyone. She deserves this award and is very humbled by it.”

Mary said, “I was really shocked when they came in and told me. I called Justin over and told him they wanted him. He said no it was me. To get an award at this age was very appreciated. I guess I must be doing something right. I like my job and the people I work with are great. Justin is a great boss and he tries hard to make us all happy.”

Mary added, “I really want to thank the person who nominated me and those responsible for the award. This was great.”

In her spare time Mary enjoys bowling, working, playing the stump fiddle, playing cards, playing bingo and being with her family and her 16 siblings.

Mary, a widow, is the mother of four boys and two girls and lives in Pierz.

In recognition of being honored as the December Employee of the Month, Mary will receive gift certificates from Broadway Stylists and Perkins Restaurant, flowers from Coborn’s, a photo by Silker Studio and a cookbook from the Morrison County Record.

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