Planned cookbook to honor, aid veterans

A cookbook, planned both to honor and aid veterans and their families, is in the works. Behind the plan is Alan Soltis, Morrison County Council Commander for the 6th District American Legion.

The cookbook, explained Soltis, will be used to raise funds for veterans—of all wars—and their families. “We have a whole new group coming home that will need help,” related Soltis.

Planned also for the book is a listing of all veterans from the area. “Whether the service people are alive or dead, we want their names,” said Soltis. “The record keeping was poor for World War II and the Korean conflict. So, we want families to contact us and give us their names. They’re all going in the cookbook. You know, you get a list of names on a piece of paper and you lose it. These are all going in the cookbook. You don’t throw away a cookbook.”

While the names of veterans from all wars are requested, Soltis said the cookbook will be designated “In honor of World War II and Korean veterans.” He added, “It’s the 50th anniversary of the cease-fire in Korea. We want to let those soldiers know we haven’t forgotten them.”

In addition to getting the names of all area veterans, Soltis is looking for recipes for the book and sponsoring advertisers. He can be reached at 320-573-4957. His email address is mcca@falls

The Vietnam veteran also put out an invite to veterans to join their local American Legion. “Anyone who served in a war, or anyone who served since August, 1990, and came away with an honorable discharge, can join the Legion,” he explained. “Yes, that includes National Guard members. And, any mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter or wife of a veteran can join the auxiliary.”

Soltis himself comes from a long line of servicemen. “Yes, my family’s service in wars goes back to the Revolution. My great-great grandfather fought with the Union Forces. My father-in-law was a World War II vet, and my own dad is a Korean veteran.”

Soltis now lives in Upsala with his wife, Theresea, step-children Erica and Ben, and children William, Bryce and Raymond. His plan is to have everything ready for the cookbook by the end of January, with the sale starting in March.

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