Bulldogs trying to see silver lining in up and down season

(Pictured: Royalton forward Kayla Hackett (20) scores a basket in the paint while the Swanville players hope for a rebound. Staff photo by Jason Olson)

Just added that her aggressive style of defense has been another factor in boosting the confidence in her team. “I like to play man-to-man defense and, when I stepped in, they were all playing zone. So now that we’re on the same page, the girls are starting to make improvements,” she said.

Another tool Just is using to boost the team’s overall confidence is in practice. “We do a drill during practice where each player steps up to the free throw line in front of the other players and, if they miss, they have to run nine lines. And over the last couple games it’s resulted in better shooting from the line and given some the chance to slash into the paint.

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