Little Falls residents may receive two copies of legal election notice

The Little Falls Community Schools will be mailing a required notice of special election sometime the week of May 3. This notice is a folded self-mailer that includes legally required information about the upcoming school referendum on May 25. The information includes ballot questions, polling places, and tax impacts of the three-question referendum.

By law, many residents will receive more than one copy of this legally required mailing. The Little Falls School District must mail this required referendum notice to all names on an official list of district taxpayers. In addition, the district is also required to mail the same notice to all names on an official list of households with at least one registered voter.

Because there is a great deal of overlap on these two official lists, many district residents will receive two copies of this same legal notice. Some individuals may even receive more than two copies, if they own two or more properties under slightly different names.

District staff did find the most cost-effective way to deliver these two legal mailings. Preparing the legal notice as a self-mailer saved the cost of two sets of envelopes, as well as the cost of stuffing and sealing the envelopes.

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