Pre-prom car crash reenactment at Pierz Healy High School

(Pictured is the mock crash scene conducted three years ago at Pierz Healy High School with the LifeLink helicopter transporting one of the seriously injured student actors away. Submitted photo)

The driver will be given a breath test and booked into the county jail. Ambulance and EMT personnel will be standing by to take the injured to the hospital. Unfortunately, one will be zipped in a body bag, placed in a hearse and taken to the funeral home.

Fortunately, it’s only play acting for the students, even though the drill is realistic for the emergency responders. Healy High Drama students will be playing the roll of the prom goers, however, a practice dummy is being used for the extrication procedure.

All those involved in putting together the program hope that it will have a positive impact on student behavior and help keep them safe as they celebrate important milestones in their young lives. Parents are also asked to support the school in promoting alcohol-free parties to prevent a tragedy from happening.

After the presentations all the emergency personnel are invited to lunch with the students in the school cafeteria. A debriefing session in the conference room is planned also. “If we can get the message across to just one person who sees the coverage, we many have saved a life and that is our goal,” noted Connie Moe, SADD adviser, school counselor and coordinator of the event with Judy Meierhofer, Career Center director.

Week-long activities leading up to the event include SADD officers dressed as the Grim Reaper stressing the fact that every 15 minutes a student dies of alcohol or drug related accidents in this country. In addition, a Safe & Sober crash car will be displayed on the school grounds emphasizing the importance of buckling those seat belts.

Pierz Police Chief Steve Boser has also sent a letter to parents encouraging their teens to drive safe and sober. Statistics indicate nearly 40 percent of drivers under 21 killed in crashes last year had been drinking. Only 18 percent of the 85 Minnesota teens who died in crashes were buckled up.

According to Kelsey Fuhrman, 55 couples have signed up for the Pierz Prom being held on Saturday, May 8 in the Healy High Gym. The public is welcome to the Grand March set for 7 p.m. with donations being accepted at the door. The dance follows from 9 p.m. to midnight with an All-Star deejay from the Twin Cities. The gym is being converted into a tropical Hawaiian wonderland based on the theme: Dreaming of Paradise. Graduation and the all-night Pioneer Party are scheduled for May 28.

“It is illegal in all 50 states for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase alcohol and in Minnesota for anyone under 21 to consume or publicly possess alcoholic beverages,” pointed out Chief Boser. “Taking the responsibility to continue to educate our children will help them stay alive for tomorrow.”

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