Youth Baseball League Results

Junior Victory League – Rookie
• Sobieski 8, LF Pap’s 0. Hunter Hanowski took the win in four innings of work and went 2-for-2 at the plate. Grant Bell and Matt Stumpf also went 2-for-2 with Cody Gosiak driving in three runs with a triple. Little Falls’ Josh Vranski was the losing pitcher while Josh Urbanski and Brandon Kudrowski each tallied a hit.

• Upsala 5, Pierz Hartman’s 3. WP Brandon Welinski also went 2-for-2 for Upsala. Jake Voss and Bret Channey each went 2-for-2. Pierz’ Mitchell Boser had 11 strikeouts in the loss.

• LF Dairy Queen 5, USA 4. WP Joe Rydeen fanned seven in the win while Chris Hortness went 2-for-3 for Little Falls.

• Pierz Schomer 3, Flensburg Falcons 0. Pierz’ Logan Meyer went 3-for-3 with a double while Flensburg pitcher Joe Kahlski went four innings striking out 10.

• LF Coborn’s 4, LF Wetzel 3 in nine innings. Sam Klinker took the loss for Wetzel but struck out 12 over four innings. Coborn’s Matt Messerschmidt, Joey Hanowski and Matt Hanowski each went 2-for-3. Matt drove in three RBI including the game tying run in the fifth inning.

• LF Wetzel 10, Flensburg 0. LF’s Joey Hanowski went 2-for-2 and Ian Stewart’s 2-for-3 effort highlighted the Wetzel win.

• LF Coborn’s 5, Pierz Hartman’s 4, in eight innings.

• LF Pap’s 10, Upsala 5. Josh Weaver was the winning pitcher for Pap’s while Brandon Welinski highlighted Upsala as he went 2-for-3.

• Royalton Dairy Queen 6, Pierz Schomer 1. Royalton’s Nick Block got the win on the mound by striking out eight over four innings allowing one earned run. Kyle Wentland hit a three-run home run to pace Royalton while Dylan Kummet scored the only Pierz run with a homer.

• Sobieski 14, Royalton Royal 66, 4. Winning pitcher Grant Bell also went 2-for-2 at the plate as Sobieski’s Matt Stumpf also went 2-for-2 with a double and triple. Preston Zimney was the losing pitcher in two innings of work and Zach Silbernick hit a triple to lead Royalton at the plate.

Junior Victory League – Minor
• Pierz Red’s Auto 9, Randall 1. Winning pitcher Mitchell Boser went five innings and Randall’s Cory Andres collected two hits in the win.

• Randall 9, LF Charlie’s Pizza 8. Randall’s Josh Wenzel took the win as Eddie Wenzel led the team with two hits. Little Falls’ Kyler Picarik had three hits and Danny Kornbaum hit a double and triple..

• LF Dairy Queen 14, Flensburg 1. Winning pitcher Alex Scott limited the Falcons to one run as Chris Hortness and Joe Rydeen each went 2-for-3. Michael Sperl led the team going 3-for-4 and Riley Hirsch went 2-for-2. Flensburg’s Mack Griffith led the team with a 2-for-3 performance.

• Sobieski 8, Royalton TrailerMart 4. Brent Barthel was the winning pitcher for Sobieski and Wyatt Waldoch provided the offense going 2-for-3. Royalton was highlighted by Robbie Siegler who went 2-for-3 with a triple and home run.

• Pierz Kurtz 10, Royalton Pine Country Bank 9. Pierz’ Tyler Monson was the winning pitcher as Zach Doroff and Bob Gruber each went 2-for-4. Royalton’s Tony Block went 2-for-4 and Ryan Wiener also collected two hits.

Junior Victory League – Majors
• Holdingford 10, Randall 2. Winning pitcher Andrew Bernstetter earned a complete game win striking out seven, allowing three hits and three walks. Bernstetter also went 1-for-3 with a double and three RBI. Holdingford’s Trevor VanHeel led the team with a 2-for-4 day driving in two runs and scord twice. Kyle Peterschick was the losing pitcher and Andy Nagel collected one hit with a stolen base and scored a run.

• Sobieski 17, Flensburg 12. Sobieski’s Dusty Parker was the winning pitcher and went 3-for-4 to guide his team at the plate. Matt Otremba went 3-for-3 and scored three runs, Justin Piotrowski added a pair of hits and A.J. Olson went 2-for-5 with four RBI’s and a home run in the win. Flensburg’s Tim Plante went 3-for-4 with three RBI and Michael Whitlow took the loss on the mound.

• Upsala 14, Royalton 8. Upsala’s Tim Johnson recorded the win as he struck out four and gave up five earned runs. Joe Binek went 3-3 wtih two triples while Andrew Lange added three hits, including a double and Daniel Lashiniski went 2-4 with a home run to lead Upsala at the plate. Royalton was highlighted by Jay Segler and Jay Bennet who each collected two hits.

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