Sheriff’s complaints down in August

 In his monthly report to the County Board Tuesday, Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said complaints were down for August.  Why, he didn’t know, but somebody quipped it may have been the cold weather. 
 The numbers indicated a total of 976 complaints received.  Of those, 207 were criminal in nature with 127 cleared.  The remainder were non-criminal calls.  A total of 135 civil process papers were handled with almost $2,600 collected in fees.
 In addition, 19 deputies attended rifle/pistol training.  Most of it involved M-16 military patrol rifles acquired by the department free of charge.  The 10 guns are valued at $700 to $1,000 each, pointed out Sheriff Wetzel.  They are ready to be installed in the squad cars.  With the new rifles, law enforcement can better, engage in long-range combat.
 Other report statistics for August showed 29 Sentence to Service inmates working a total of 867 hours on community projects.  Monthly Huber payments collected came to $5,860.  Eighty-five inmates were booked last month with almost $1,100 charged in booking fees.
 Revenue collected from boarding out-of-county inmates raised $87,738.  Besides the 64 average number of prisoners from Morrison County, inmates were held from Cass, Polk, Stearns, Becker, Crow Wing, Douglas and Wright Counties.  With another 20 from the State of Minnesota, inmate population for August averaged 106 persons.
 At the request of Sheriff Wetzel, the commissioners approved the 911 agreements between the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office and Sytec Communications and Benton Cooperative Telephone Company.

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