Stay in Little Falls for excellent healthcare

To the Editor:
 I doctored several places with no improvement. Then my mother brought me to the Little Falls Family Medical Center. (I was failing fast). She took me in to see the best doctor for internal medicine—Dr. Mark Moe. He rushed me up to I.C.U. He really didn’t hold much hope for me. All my numbers were crazy or gone. He called in Dr. Sharon Gosset, a surgeon here, and Dr. Harms stood by in case he was needed. She operated. I had infection inside in pockets (affecting everything). I was put on a ventilator and tubes—more than I can count. A second surgery was done two weeks later to flush out any infection left behind. After 19 days with the best two doctors in the world—Dr. Moe and Dr. Gosset, the best care from the whole staff at St. Gabriel’s, here I am—a walking miracle. Then I hear so many people from here chase to St. Cloud for care. Why? The Little Falls doctors and hospital saved me; gave me another chance. Thanks. Thanks a million!—Kevin Hawk, St. Cloud.

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