Congratulations and best of luck

To the Editor:

I would like to take this means to congratulate Little Falls Police Captain Rick Koester on his retirement at the end of this month. I have known Rick since he came to Little Falls over 25 years ago when I was covering news for KLTF radio. He was always a gentleman and answered my questions in a timely manner. He reminded me a lot of his predecessor Captain Al Toenis—quiet, calm, caring and dedicated to his work and the citizens of Little Falls. Thank you, Rick, and enjoy your new endeavors!

I’d also like to congratulate Jeff Jelinski, former police department dispatcher, on his new position as communications supervisor within the sheriff’s department. I’ve always admired Jeff’s people skills. He treated everyone who walked into the police department with respect whether they were a suspect, general public, or a newspaper. Even on Arts and Crafts weekend Jeff has always been Little Falls’ best ambassador. Enjoy your new challenges, Jeff. —Lee Ann Doucette, Little Falls

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