Opposes sale of Linden Hill

To the Editor:
 I most vehemently oppose the sale of Linden Hill and the manner in which the decision was made. I’ve been told Ms. Musser gave so much to this community that it seems a violation of her memory to sell the houses.
 The houses mean so much to those who have taken the time to visit and volunteer there, as I have. They are truly unique, the best “tourism draw” in this area. I’ve heard them rated as fascinating an experience as Glensheen and much more visitor friendly. Almost every group that I talked to wanted more information about booking a retreat or event.
 I would urge the city council and mayor to step back, take a deep breath, and reconsider their precipitous decision. Please, do some creative, forward thinking and get some input from the business leaders about how to keep the houses. They are of so much more value than just profit! Help Susan continue the excellent work she’s started.—Noonie Broden, Little Falls.

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