This president has solid moral values

To the Editor:

I voted for moral values last November. President George W. Bush represented the moral values I considered most important. In voting for him, I joined a majority of Morrison County voters who, for many reasons, chose him by a 57 to 40 percent margin over his nearest opponent.

To me, moral values means believing that marriage is a sacred bond between one man and one woman, fetal stem cell research kills an unborn child and shouldn’t be allowed, and one is not just “anti-abortion” as liberals like to call us, but pro-life, believing that life is sacred from conception until natural death.

Can the way money is spent be a moral value? Possibly, for instance: in his budget President Bush is proposing to eliminate 150 programs that are duplicative and full of waste, fraud and abuse. It could be said this saving of taxpayers’ hard earned money, which then can be put to better use, is a moral value.

I also consider it a moral value to appoint judges who will correctly interpret the constitution instead of legislating from the bench. President Bush will do that.

We have a president with solid moral value. We can trust him.—Clara Kedrowski, Little Falls.

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