New exhibits at Gallery 112

“Twenty Two”, the latest show in Gallery 112, opened on March 25. It features thirteen multiple color block prints by Healy Art II students and nine pyramid sculptures by Healy eighth graders. Students who have works in the show are: Art II: Sarah Eaves, Riley Gruber, Nikki O’Hotto, Buck Kowalzek, Kalia Current, Valentina Gonzalez, Sandra Storkamp, Kelly Janson, Jack Ngamsinpasthien, Kaitlin O’Neil, David Warzecha, Natalie Pomrenke and Katie Flicker. Eighth grade Emma Janson, Kaari Jensen, Kalee Johnson, Kayla Kapsner, Janna Malisheski, Jonica Swanson, and Mary Waytashek. “Twenty-two is open to the public during school hours or by arrangement, and can be seen through April 25.

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