Owners thinking ‘outside the box’

To the Editor:

The following is in response to the article, “Push for Creation of Lake Improvement District” on page ten of the April 24, 2005 Record.

The owners of properties on Crookneck Lake should be applauded! They are thinking “outside the box” and striving to improve their own destiny. Unlike some of the county commissioners, whom cannot adapt, nor allow their constituency to adapt to the ever changing needs of the county and its citizens; it is fortunate that these property owners seek ways to help improve their own destiny. Those commissioners, which are against the formation of the lake improvement district, suffer from an all too prevalent malady in Morrison County government, failure to become open and adaptive to new concepts that can effectively resolve their constituency’s problems. A Lake Improvement District is self-governing, self-budgeted, self-sustained, and self-controlled with the dollars collected going to that Lake Improvements Districts own self-improvements. It cannot be used under the commissioner control, which may explain their dislike! Commissioners wake up! The people are tired of negative thinking, closed minds, and neglect of the county needs. Congratulations, Crookneck Lake, on positive, forward thinking!—Ken Jasper, Hillman

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