Superintendent is worthy of respect

To the Editor:

As a member of the LFCHS Class of 2003, we watched good teachers and good programs be eliminated. I took some of the remaining classes in natural resources, welding and mechanics because they interested me and were related to the business I owned for 10 years. I also took foreign language, physics, band, business, accounting and went to state in FFA and played football. All my classes and activities were important.

Currently a college student, newly licensed helicopter pilot, and having successfully sold my business, I’m leaving for seasonal employment in Alaska tomorrow. However, Dr. Thomas and many other students remain, and need our continued support.

Dr. Thomas knew my name, the names of my classmates, and something special about each of us, though only a member of our community a very short time. Under her leadership, we no longer are in SOD, the budget balanced every year she has been here, test scores are rising, and student opportunities are being brought back. She is worth the compensation she gets, more importantly she’s worthy of our community’s respect and appreciation.

Please take a moment, examine the positive results, and be as accepting as you asked us to be as students.—Brett Dobmeier, former owner Brett’s Lawn Maintenance, Little Falls.

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