Youth Baseball

By Chris Schafer

Junior Victory – Major

• Little Falls 12, Pierz Brandl 2

Little Falls captured the Junior Victory League title by defeating Pierz 12-2. Joe Rydeen was the winning pitcher and Riley Hirsch went 2-2 with a double in the victory. Beau Hanowski also went 2-2 with a pair of doubles for Little Falls in the victory.

• Little Falls 9, Sobieski 2

Beau Hanowski went 3-4 with a double and Joe Rydeen went 2-3 as Little Falls defeated Sobieski 9-2. Hanowski also pitched seven innings for the win. Zach Gutormson and Logan Kalis each went 1-3 for Sobieski.

• Flensburg 9, Pierz Brandl 2

Luke Schwanke went 4-4 with two doubles to aid his pitching as Flensburg defeat Pierz 9-2. Mike Witlow went 2-4 with a home run for Flensburg.

Onamia 7, St. Stephen 4

Alex Leech pitched four innings for the win and Mark Francor went 3-5 as Onamia edged St. Stephen. Zach Pilarski went 1-3 with two runs for St. Stephen.

Junior Victory – Minor

• Little Falls Dairy Queen 7, Upsala 1

Logan Weise went 2-3 with two triples and three RBIs and Matt Messerschmidt pitched five strong innings as Little Falls beat Upsala 7-1. Chris Ripplinger had two hits for Upsala.

• Upsala 16, Flensburg 2

Brandon Welinski and Chris Ripplinger each had three hits as Upsala defeated Flensburg 16-2. Shawn Lampert had two hits for Upsala and Jake Voss was the winning pitcher. Joe Tholsky, Eli Ploof and Garret Grams each had two hits for Flensburg.

Pierz Kurtz Furniture 7, Little Falls Coborn’s 6

Mitch Woitalla pitched five strong innings and Zach and Dylan Kummet each went 2-3 as Pierz defeated Little Falls. Danny Kornbaum and Alex Scott each went 2-4 for Little Falls.

Sobieski 14, Royalton 1

Hunter Hanowski and Cody Graves each went 2-2 as Sobieski defeated Royalton. Grant Bell was the winning pitcher. Ethan Sczublewski had a double for Royalton.

Pierz Hartmann’s Furniture 4, Little Falls Dairy Queen 3

Zach Pohlkamp went 2-3 with an RBI and Matt Hanowski and Logan Weisz both went 1-3 in the victory. Hanowski added an RBI, and Weisz scored a run.

Randall 16, Upsala 1

Mac Griffith went 4-4 and Eddie Wenzel went 3-4 as Randall defeated Upsala. Cody Meyer went 2-3 with a triple for Randall. Brandon Welinski had two hits for Upsala.

Pierz Kurtz Furniture 16, Flensburg 6

Andy Kretschmar went 2-3 and Eden Hanson went 1-1 with the winning single for Pierz. Alex Pietrowski was the winning pitcher. Brad Dzieweczynski had two hits for Flensburg.

Junior Victory – Rookie

• Little Falls Benson Radiator and Tire 12, Little Falls Atomic Learning 1

Sam Rydeen went 3-4 and Mike Anderson went 1-2 with three runs as Benson Radiator defeated Atomic Learning 12-1. Joey Hanowski pitched two innings for the victory.

• Royalton Gold 9, Sobieski 5

Dylan Fisher had a triple and three RBIs and Preston Zimney went 2-2 as Royalton defeated Sobieski 9-5. Riley Gutormson went 2-2 with 3 RBIs and Tren Dinius went 1-2 with two RBIs for Sobieski.

Flensburg 22, Pierz J.B. Schomer 7

Eli Waldoch went 3-3 with four RBIs and August Maciej went 3-3 as Flensburg won a convincing game over Pierz. Cory Lungren and Matt Valentine went 3-4 for Flensburg, Valentine had a home run. Cody Poster had a double and two RBIs for Pierz.

Little Falls Benson Radiator 11, Royalton Maroon 1

Michael Anderson was the winning pitcher and Lee Skiejewski and Spencer Lubbers each had a home run as Little Falls ten-runned Royalton. Matt Silbernick collected Royalton’s only hit.

• Little Falls Wetzel Law Firm 7, Little Falls Atomic Learning 3

Robert Munnell went 2-3 with an RBI, a triple and two runs and Thomas Smith went 2-3 with three runs, an RBI and a double as Wetzel Law Firm defeated Atomic Learning. Collin Eckman went 2-3 with two RBIs in the victory.

Pierz Red’s Auto 14, Royalton Gold 8

Brady Dorn went 3-3 in support of his own pitching performance as Red’s Auto defeated Royalton Gold 14-8. Ben Boser also went 3-3 in the game. Jesse Trutwin went 2-3 for Royalton.

• Little Falls DMS Machine 16, Pierz J.B. Schomer 4

Matt Stumpf and Nathan Masog each went 3-3 in the victory for DMS. Stumpf finished with two RBIs and Masog scored three runs. Alex Nelson went 2-2 with four RBIs and Travis Spillum went 2-3 with four RBIs for DMS.

• Flensburg 17, Royalton Maroon 6

Matt Valentine and John Boros each went 3-4 as Flensburg defeated Royalton. Valentine was also the winning pitcher. Luke Thoma aided the attack going 3-3. Matt Silbernick went 3-3 for Royalton.

Little Falls Benson Radiator and Tire 20, Sobieski 1

Sam Rydeen went 4-4 with four RBIs as Benson Radiator won easily. Lee Skiejewski was the winning pitcher. Colton Kruzel went 2-2 in opposition for Sobieski.

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