Editorial showed lack of understanding

To the Editor:

I take strong issue with your June 18 editorial. It shows a lack of understanding and appreciation for the history of the Linden Hill property, and is full of double-talk.

The editorial calls Linden Hill “the crown jewel of the city of Little Falls” but then proceeds to criticize Rep. Greg Blaine for authoring the law that prohibits the city from selling the property to a commercial developer. I don’t get it. The mayor and city council close down “the crown jewel” and try to sell it to a developer. Rep. Blaine passes a law to stop the sale, and yet he’s the bad guy? Sounds like the city council has the newspaper in their back pocket.

Nevertheless, the people are not fooled. We know who really values this historic property… and the public interest. Thank you, Rep. Blaine, for standing up for the people and the history of Little Falls.—Marsha J. Krebs, Little Falls.

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