Remember to use your freedoms

To the Editor:

July 4 is known as Independent Day which brings to mind the soldiers across the ocean sacrificing their lives and lifestyles for our right to freedom.

It was written in an editorial titled “Thanks Tony” in Dec. 1, 2005, issue of the Morrison County Record, that it is important we remember to honor that sacrifice by attending the church of our choice on Sunday mornings, attending a city council meeting to voice your opinion, exercising your right and responsibility to vote on election day.

That does, of course, include speaking your mind without fear of government retribution. “Retribution” can hide itself in many ways, though, such as my local school board discriminating against me because I spoke my mind “too often” on public school issues.

Since it is now time to file for school board election, anyone can exercise their right to run for school board. It’s time for a change. New blood is needed for decisions that improve school morale and enhance the new building. So I hope there are new people willing to run for school board; we need new blood.

My heart goes out to the men and women whose families are paying the sacrifice of lives lost so we all can continue to celebrate Independence Day on July 4. We celebrate freedom, and we should remember to use it, too.—Mark Koopmeiners, Burtrum.

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