The irresponsibility lies with the council

To the Editor:

I can’t believe your June 18 editorial that criticizes the law that saved Linden Hill from being sold. Whoever wrote it seems to have little understanding of the issue. Perhaps the writer(s) don’t even live in our community.

First, they swallow hook, line and sinker the city council’s assertion that the city loses $90,000 a year on Linden Hill. Not so. From previous city reports those figures are not correct and none of the losses are from taxpayer money, but rather have been paid out of the $1 million trust that Laura Jane Musser gave the city. And now half of that is gone. Who was it that managed Linden Hill when these $500,000 losses occurred? It was the mayor, the city administrator and the council—but they never said a word to the public about it. No, they just voted to close it without telling anyone, not even the Linden Hill board.

Then the editorial has the audacity to ask, “How much will the mansions depreciate in value … as they sit stagnate (sic) and empty?” Good question. But who was it that closed them? Not Greg Blaine. It was the mayor and city council. The responsibility, or shall I say, irresponsibility, lies with them.—Russ Lintner, Little Falls.

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