Council not worthy of our faith

To the Editor:

In last week’s Record, Gen Waller instructed readers to have faith in our city council. I must ask Ms. Waller, how are we supposed to have faith in our city council when it closed Linden Hill with no public input and about $500,000 remaining in the trust fund?

Having faith in our elected officials does not happen automatically. They must demonstrate that they are worthy of our faith. By mishandling the Linden Hill situation, the Little Falls City Council has not demonstrated that they are worthy of our faith.

I feel that no one has made any wild assertions about Linden Hill. Rather, people seem to be looking to answer questions that the council should have addressed before voting to close the mansions.

I applaud Greg Blaine for taking the actions he has. I am confident that Blaine’s leadership will keep the mansions open and a vital part of the Little Falls community.-Lisa Lintner, Little Falls.

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