It’s time for a new council

To the Editor:

Gen Waller implores us to attend a city council meeting to see what is really going on in the Linden Hill situation. I agree with her. If citizens attend a meeting, they will witness a council that has embassassingly mishandled a piece of property near and dear to the hearts of Little Falls’ residents. They will also witness a council that has voted to increase property taxes the past everal years.

Overall, they will conclude that it’s time to elect a new city council.

With the exception of Mike LeMieur, the Little Falls City Council has failed the residents of Little Falls with their sell first, ask questions later policy on Linden Hill and fiscally irresponsible property tax increases.

Greg Blaine gets it. Linden Hill should not be closed and sold to a private interest. Taxes on residents should remain low. It’s time the Little Falls City Council realizes this.-Diane R. VonderHaar, Little Falls.

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