Additional kindergarten teacher to be added

By Tina Snell

During a special District 482 board meeting held in Superintendent Curt Tryggestad’s office Aug. 31, the members voted unanimously to add an additonal kindergarten teacher to Lindbergh Elementary School.

The preliminary head count of kindergarten students enrolled at Lindberg was 93 at last count, and rising. With four kindergarten classes in place, the student count in each would have been 23. The 18-students per class target for each class is now closer to reality.

After talking to CFO Nancy Henderson and learning it is in the budget to add approximately $11,000 to the $22,000 budgeted for additonal staff, Tryggestad requested the board add one more kindergarten teacher to the elementary school.

“This is a unique opportunity for Little Falls,” said board member Greg Zylka. “We’ve not had the money to do this for a very long time. The board believes it’s important to get students off to a good start.”

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