Land values on the rise in Morrison County

By Chris Schafer

Property values are on the rise in Morrison County according to County Assessor Glen Erickson. At the county’s Aug. 29 board meeting Erickson informed the commissioners that the Minnesota State Department of Revenue had mandated the values the county has placed on certain types of property is too low.

According to the report, the state has mandated that all tillable Green Acre agriculture land, will see a property value increase of 10 percent. Non-tillable, Green Acre land will increase in value by 25 percent.

Commercial and industrial land across the county will see property values that rise by 15 percent respectively.

Other areas that will see an increase are:

• The city of Motley, where residential land and structures will see a five percent increase;

• Darling Township, residential land and structures rise by 10 percent. Seasonal residential recreational land and structures will also increase in value by 10 percent; and

• The townships of Hillman, Lakin, Leigh, Morrill and Mount Morris will all see increases. The property market values of agricultural land, excluding building sites, will rise by 10 percent in each township.

The new property values will be for taxes payable in 2007.

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