Lindquist gets chief’s job in Farmington

By Tina Snell

Brian Lindquist, a 1984 graduate of Little Falls Community High School, was appointed Farmington’s Chief of Police Nov. 6. He has been on the force for nine years and had previously worked in Melrose and with the Todd County Boat and Water Patrol. He comes by his police ambitions honestly for his father, Thor Lindquist, was a police officer in Little Falls for many years. The new chief has 23 sworn officers and four support staff under him.

Farmington’s population was about the same as Little Falls when Lindquist moved there nine years ago. The difference is, Farmington is almost a suburb of the Twin Cities and it grows about 1,000 people a year. The population is now closer to 22,000. It is still a close-knit community though, and Lindquist cannot think of a better place to live.

When asked about his appointment and if there are any challenges he needs to overcome, Lindquist said in a phone interview, “I got a department that is a well-running machine. There was no transitional phase at all. The biggest challenge will be guiding the department through the future. I will need to procure funding to keep abreast of the new technology that is available for police departments. Otherwise, it’s a great department.”

Lindquist returns to Little Falls regularly. He still has family here which includes his parents Thor and Mina, and a sister Christina Sobiech. He also has a fiancé in Little Falls, Dorothy Koenig. The two are planning a spring wedding.

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