Habas, Loxterkamp and Biermaier named CEC honored advisees

The CEC (Continuing Education Center) has announced the three Second Quarter Honored Advisees. They are Jasmyne Habas, Brittney Loxterkamp and Bridget Biermaier.

Jasmyne Habas is the daughter of David and Cynthia Habas and “big” sister to Whitney. Jasmyne and her family reside in rural Little Falls. Jasmyne has been a student at the CEC since the spring of the 2004-05 school year and is currently a senior looking forward to her graduation in May.

“Jasmyne is a very bright young lady and an awesome student. She is organized, focused, has a great work ethic and takes pride in her academic work being high quality. Jasmyne is funny, has an infectious laugh and we have a great time razzing each other. Jasmyne has worked very hard the past two years not only on her diploma requirements and at her job but on bettering herself as a whole person. She has an incredible future ahead of her, she has the ability to be anything she wants to be,” states Laura Dunlap, Jasmyne’s advisor.

Jasmyne works in Nutrition Services at St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls and has been there for two years. When Jasmyne is not in school or at work, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. Jasmyne is a music lover so she enjoys attending concerts and also likes to shop with her mom and sister. Following her graduation in May Jasmyne plans to attend college beginning in the fall of 2007. She is currently narrowing her college choices. She is unsure at this time what her career choice will be but is interested in both social work and business.

Brittney Loxterkamp is the daughter of Duane Loxterkamp of Swanville and Shirley Loxterkamp of Little Falls. She is a graduating senior and will receive her diploma in May. When Brittney is not working on projects for school she enjoys hanging out with her friends and listening to music.

Her advisor Kathy Mach states: “Brittney is a goal setter and has the ability to complete whatever she starts. Her academic consistency, organizational skills, and excellent attendance are a good example for other students. Her positive attitude and the ability to use her time well make her a joy to have in the classroom. I enjoy working with Brittney and feel her diligence and drive will lead her to a successful future.”

After graduation Brittney plans on attending Central Lakes College pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.

Bridget Biermaier is the daughter of Timothy and Laura Biermaier of Little Falls. She has one brother, Nick, and two sisters, Tracy and her twin Brittney. Bridget also adores her two nephews, Brayden and Carter. Bridget resides in St. Cloud with boyfriend John and his parents. Bridget has been a student at the CEC for almost two years and is working hard to try to graduate in May of 2007. If she does not finish she will complete her diploma requirements very early in the fall of 2007.

Bridget’s advisor Laura Dunlap said, “I have known Bridget for the two years she has been at the CEC but just became her advisor this fall due to staff changes. What I am witnessing this year is nothing short of amazing. Bridget has become a self-motivated student and has suddenly decided that she is very capable of being a full time student, a full time employee, a friend and family member and that she can be great in every one of these roles. She has gained so much confidence and has become so mature just over the past 5 months. I am very proud of her and she is proud as well. I adore how animated Bridget is when she is telling me a story, which is at least once a day, but the thing I love the most about Bridget is her sensitivity and compassion for other people, if only we all could be that way. Bridget’s new outlook and attitude will allow her to be successful in her life.”

Bridget works thirty-five hours a week at McDonalds in St. Cloud. When Bridget is not in school or at work she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, John, her friends and her family. Bridget loves to go four-wheeling and is a bit of a shopaholic although she says that will be a lot more fun when she actually has money. Following graduation Bridget plans to work for a year to save money and then would like to go to college. She is not sure what her course of study would be at this time.

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