It’s time for Linden Hill backers to come forward

On Tuesday, the Friends of Linden Hill will be meeting at the Musser and Weyerhauser homes for a wine and dessert event. Members of the public who support the restoration and survival of those two grand, old homes are welcome to attend.

In recent years, management of the homes have been a center of controversy. That may have been a factor in some of the turnover on the Little Falls City Council in November. Little Falls voters made it clear that they want those Linden Hill homes preserved.

New Mayor Cathy Van Risseghem has put together a task force to come up with a new plan to maintain the homes into the future. It is expected that a non-profit organization, much like the city put in place for the golf course and the zoo, will soon be formed.

However, the need for volunteer help will continue. The homes’ large collection of antiques and keepsakes needs to be sorted through, keeping what’s needed and getting rid of what’s not. Cleaning and maintenance tasks are ongoing. The governing board has yet to be formed.

Thus, Tuesday’s event becomes important because it will help help energize the volunteers and help the task force assess just how much volunteer support the community is able to give to preserving the two homes.

We encourage all area residents who want to preserve the homes of Linden Hill to attend Tuesday’s event. This is the next small step needed to help keep these landmark homes alive.

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