Can I get ticketed for tab violation twice within 8 hours?

Q: I was wondering how many times you could get ticketed in a certain amount of time. For instance, I parked my car on the street and the next morning I found two tickets on my car, both for tabs. One was from 10:30 pm and the other from 8:30 am. Can they ticket me twice for the same thing within 8 hours?


Minneapolis, MN



It all depends on the circumstances. In your case, I would first call the police department issuing the citations and find out what the ordinance says, and discuss this issue with them about your 2 tickets. If you do not get action or satisfaction (whatever), then find out who the prosecutor is and discuss it with them. One example, is that if you were driving the vehicle, and got a ticket but continued to drive the vehicle, you can get stopped several times (no limit) for the same offense as long you kept committing the offense, but looking at your case, I would not say that is the same thing and I would at the very least check into it as I have stated. The prosecutor should look at your opportunity to comply with the violation in between tickets, and they will see you had no opportunity (I am guessing) and side with you. As officers we have to use common sense, as I know the judge will…………Good luck.

Sgt. Curt S. Mowers
Public Information Office
MN State Patrol

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