Correction may be needed on extra wide rims

Q: I recently purchased a Chevy Silverado with wide rims and no fender flares so the rims stick out about four or five inches. I didn’t know this was illegal when bought the truck. My question is I am thinking about selling this truck now, do I have to alter anything before or sell it or not seeing as I bought it like that?


St. Peter, MN



I don’t know of a direct law prohibiting the sale of it, but there could be a law which exists that I am not aware of that might cover that. You are correct that it is not legal however. Make sure to tell the new owner or prospective buyers that it is not legal. You might want to correct it and then sell it, as that might be easier. Good luck.

Sgt. Curt S. Mowers
Public Information Office
MN State Patrol

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