Driving off road motorcycles in roadside ditch not legal

Q: My boyfriend and his friend were driving off road motorcycles in the ditch along the road. An officer stopped them and wrote my boyfriend a ticket for not having a MN drivers license. However, you don’t need a drivers license to operate a dirt bike.

So my question is should he have gotten a ticket at all or should it have been for something else?
Thanks for your time.

Clearwater, MN



The officer was correct, but should have also charged him for riding the "dirt bike" in the ditch. That’s against the law too. (If they ARE ridden in the ditch within the right of way of any street or highway, they would need a valid driver license, registration, insurance, etc. also, so he really got off easy.) Thanks for asking.

Sgt. Curt S. Mowers
Public Information Office
MN State Patrol

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