School Board News

The following news items are from the Tuesday, Feb.
19 meeting of the Milaca School Board. They were compiled by reporter
Stacey Wiedewitsch. Board member Bob Bunger was absent.

KinderPlus presentation
kindergarten teaching team presented to the school board a power-point
presentation of the kindergarten students’ progress so far this year.
The presentation focused on how the students who were enrolled in the
KinderPlus program were doing as compared to those students in a
typical all day, every other day, kindergarten format. Not
surprisingly, those students with twice the amount of instruction, the
KinderPlus students, were able to recognize letter sounds and compute
letter symbols far faster than their peers. The KinderPlus students are
reading at a higher level, sooner than the other students as well.

Public forum
Pat Coffee spoke to the school board members about the importance of
junior high athletics. He teaches at Anoka High School and has noticed
that after that school eliminated junior high athletics the high school
is not as competitive as it once was.
•Resident Ron Rinkel told the
board that he was appalled at the current ban on beef the school put in
place after the most current scare in contaminated beef was publicized.
“Maybe we made too hasty of a decision about a picture taken within a
slaughterhouse,” he said. “This was not a health issue.”
Kelli Gotvald asked the board to keep the extracurricular activities
the school currently has. “I want my 2nd and 3rd grade children to have
the opportunity their big brothers have,” she said. “Even the good kids
will find ways to get into trouble if they don’t have things to do.”

Principal’s report
is the time of year for handbook changes,” said high school assistant
principal Troy Anderson. He and three teachers are working on several
changes in the handbook. “Several of the changes are grammatical,” he
said. The other changes included updating definitions to clarify the
use of reserve parking, My Space publicity and classification of a
dance visitor.
•Elementary principal Steve Voshell said that they
are also working on the handbook and while several of the changes are
in format other include some grammatical errors. The elementary team is
also working on developing an expectation matrix to add to the
handbook. The matrix is a tool used to tell the students what the
expectations are for their actions and reactions while they are in the

Activity director’s report
•Jerry Westphal, Milaca
School’s activity director, updated the school board with a new offer
from the Princeton School Board to have Milaca join its school with a
cooperative agreement in hockey. Westphal is going to speak to the
hockey players, their parents, and the current members of the
cooperative agreement with Milaca, Becker and Big Lake and gather more
information which he will then bring back to the board for a decision
in March.

Parcels will be prepared for sale
•The school
board directed superintendent Barbra Zakrajsek to look into preparing
two of the parcels of land the school currently owns for sale. The
“potato patch” and the two acre parcel in Dailey Township will be
appraised and the information will be presented to the board at a
future meeting. The legalities of selling the land will also be looked
into as both the properties were gifts to the school district in the

List of possible reductions set
•After the regular
meeting of the school board had adjourned a special meeting of the
whole committee was called to order. During this lengthy meeting a list
of possible budget reductions, additions and revenue increases were
discussed and explained to the board by the administrative team. See
story on page 1.
The Milaca School Board meets the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Dahlager Theater.

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