School Board Recognition Week, Feb. 25-29

you is expressed by the Milaca School District to each of the current
school board members as well as the many school board members who
preceded them over the years. This appreciation is noted, in
particular, as part of the Annual School Board Recognition Week in

To the Editor:
you is expressed by the Milaca School District to each of the current
school board members as well as the many school board members who
preceded them over the years. This appreciation is noted, in
particular, as part of the Annual School Board Recognition Week in
School board members take time away from their families
and jobs to serve as representatives of the greater population. They
meet for many hours monthly, sometimes into the night, to deal with
matters associated with the running of our Pre K-12th grade school
district. School boards employ numerous people each year (there are
currently over 250 employees in our school district), they negotiate
contracts, balance budgets through tough times, wrestle with facility
issues and keep the school district solvent through wise decisions.
Individual board members join the board after an election. However, the
time to learn about the school district is short and they hit the road
running soon after they take an oath of office. Their compensation has
both increased and decreased over the years, often times leaving them
with less compensation than it would take to pay a babysitter for the
family time lost. In addition, it is typical to note that board members
often times do not even turn in many of their board related hours for

At the same time they need to begin making decisions,
they also have to educate themselves regarding construction matters,
legislative financial shortfalls, state and federal rules and
regulations and contract negotiations as well as contract
interpretations. Above all, they have to keep each student’s best
interest in their minds. They have to forge good decisions that will be
supported by the majority of board members and by the staff who must
carry out their orders as well as by the public who has a keen interest
in the local education system. It is an awesome task that humbles a
person when thinking of it. In preparation for each board meeting, a
board member will often spend several hours reviewing the agenda and
related materials. It is not uncommon for board members to ask numerous
questions as they prepare for the next board meeting. In addition to
the regular monthly board meetings, each member sits on committees with
additional meetings from time to time.

Board members take many
questions from the general public and often will have to research the
answers to these questions before getting back to one or another member
of the public. Board members have found that they will be stopped at
the grocery store or at an athletic event and asked to help a family or
a student with a problem. They have willingly given of their own
personal time to find an answer or resolve a conflict.

recognition of their dedicated service, Feb. 25-29, 2008 is designated
as School Board Recognition Week. This is an excellent time to show our
appreciation and for us to understand how local board members work
together to provide a better future for our children. Please join us in
saluting these men and women who provide grassroots governance of our
public school.
We salute these public servants, both past and
present for their vision and voice in helping to shape a brighter
tomorrow for Milaca students.

Names and years of service of the most recent Board Members:
Todd Quaintance January 2003 – July 2003,January 2007 – Present
Linda Ramson January 1994 – December  2004, January 2007 – Present
Jody Chambers October 2005 – Present
Bob Bunger July 2005 – Present
Connie Patnode January 2005 – Present
Pat Nelson January 2005 – Present
Aimee Struffert January 1996 – December 1998, January 2002 –Present
James Winkler January 2005 – September  2005
Joe Rawley January 2002 – May 2005
Gay Sikkink July 2003 – December 2004
Laurie Gahm February 1999 – December 2006
Jackie Struffert February 1999 – December  2006
Steve Wunderlich January 1999 – December 2004
Calvin Beumer January 1994 – November 2002
Linda Secord January 1993 – December 1995
Shelley Larson April 1992 – December 1992
Reba Patnode July 1991 – December 2001
Trudy Johnson July 1991 – December 1992
Dennis Nelson July 1990 – December 1993
Benedick Gorecki July 1990 – December 1993
Robert Erickson July 1989 – June 1991
Joseph Anderson July 1988 – December 1992
Gail Kulick July 1987 – February 1992
Karen Schlenker July 1987 – June 1990
Jerome Buckingham, Jr. July 1986 – June 1991
Eric Larson July 1986 – May 1990
Warren Liepitz July 1985 – December 2001
Ron Rinkel July 1984 – June 1988, January 1993 – December 1998
Rev. Bruce Hanks July 1983 – June 1986
Mrs. Pat Hjort July 1980 – June 1986
Jay Rensenbrink July 1980 – June 1983
Mrs. Lynn Bye July 1978 – June 1983
Jim Bergstrom July 1975 – June 1986
William McKibben July 1975 – June 1986
Donald Timmer July 1973 – June 1985, January 1993 – December 1998
Dr. Richard Richards July 1973 – June 1985
Abdon Peterson July 1973 – June 1980
Robert Johnson July 1973 – June 1975
Mrs. Carrie Smith July 1972 – June 1978
Mr. B. Johnson July 1972 – June 1973
Ed Bouma July 1971 – June 1974
Mr. J. Maurudas July 1971 – June 1973
Donald Patnode Sr. July 1971 – June 1972
Mr. W. Siemers July 1970 – June 1972
Mr. W. Eklund July 1970 – June 1971
Ronald Ploeger July 1968 – June 1980
Mr. H. Koppendryer July 1966 – June 1971
Mr. Gene Fransen July 1963 – June 1971
Dennis Peterson July 1963 – June 1968
Chester Judd .July 1961 – June 1970
Harvey Boyum Prior to 1960 – June 1964
George Nelson Prior to 1960 – June 1963
Mr. H. Ferguson Prior to 1960 – June 1961
Ervin Hogan Prior to 1960 – June 1966
Waldo Allen Prior to 1960 – June 1962
Leonard Paulson Prior to 1960 – June 1973

Dr. Barbra Zakrajsek,
Andrew Nelson,
Milaca Teacher Organization
Justin R. Bertram,
Student Council President

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