Rep. Jeremy Kalin flabbergasted over feds hiring of Sonia Pitt

Rep. Jeremy Kalin, DFL-North Branch, didn’t need to seek the news that former Minnesota Department of Transportation Emergency Response Coordinator Sonia Pitt, fired for being absent from the state for two weeks last summer during the I-35W bridge collapse and for other matters, was recently hired the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The news came to him.

Kalin fielded phone calls from Associated Press and WCCO Radio this morning (Aug. 31) over Pitt’s hiring by Homeland Security and later issued a statement.

“Sonia Pitt’s indifference to emergency preparedness and her official duties during the bridge collapse was chilling and disturbing,” said Kalin. “She has no business being anywhere near any security agency, much less a division of Homeland Security itself,” he said.

In a phone call, Kalin indicated that he intended to contact Eighth Congressional District Congressman James Oberstar, DFL-Chisholm, to discuss whether the hiring was a possible act of partisanship or patronage.

“It’s hard to believe that they (Homeland Security) didn’t know what was going on here,”

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