300 visit Oliver Kelley Farm, 11 paintings help earn money

ELK RIVER — Nearly 300 people visited the Oliver Kelley Farm Saturday to view and purchase paintings by local artists and to watch sorghum being made from canes into syrup.

News of the paintings helped attract 450 for the weekend, which is above normal.

Eleven paintings were purchased with a portion $1,360 donated by the artists who were present at the event.

Bob Quist, farm manager, said the money raised by the Friends of the Kelley farm will be used to promote the farm and for student scholarships, used to help pay fees for students who can’t afford them.

Quist said, “It was a fun, cool event and the paintings peaked the visitors’ interest.  Our staff really enjoyed it”

Mark Haglund, one of the artists who spearheaded the “Painting the Farm” project said, “From my view it was a success. I have great praise for all the artists, Friends and the farm employees that helped with this event. “ — Don Heinzman


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