Jail inmate attacks another after argument over TV remote

by Laura Adelmann
Thisweek Newspapers

A Dakota County Jail inmate with a history of domestic violence has been charged with felony assault for multiple fractures to another inmate’s face after an argument about television channels.

According to the complaint, on Sept. 19 Carlos Robles wanted to change the channel that a group of inmates were watching, and a minor argument ensued when the 25-year-old was told the channel would not be changed.

Robles walked away from the group as the evening meal was being
delivered, but returned and argued further with one of the inmates who
had been watching television.

The complaint said Robles spit on the inmate, stood over him, and
repeatedly punched him in the head and face, before other inmates and
corrections staff were able to subdue him.

The incident was recorded on the jail’s surveillance cameras.

After Robles had been restrained, the injured inmate was transported to
Regions Hospital in Hastings with extensive fractures to his nose and
face and double vision in his left eye. He was later returned to the

Robles was serving time for assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter on July 30 in South St. Paul.

According to the complaint, during that incident, Robles had asked the
woman to meet his grandmother, and began hitting her after she refused,
said they weren’t dating anymore, and told him she hated him.

The complaint stated that Robles followed her into her room, hitting and kicking her and shouting that he would kill her.

As the assault was occurring, the complaint said the victim’s daughter
said, “Stop hitting my mom,” and Robles grabbed the preschooler by her
hair and threw her to the floor.

He then ran out of the house and drove away in a white SUV.

The complaint stated Robles has an extensive history of previous assault convictions that occurred from 2003 to 2007.

Laura Adelmann is at dceditor@frontiernet.net.

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