State employees raise more than $1,066,000 for charities

Saint Paul, MN – Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau, Honorary Chair of the 2009 Minnesota State Employee Combined Charities Campaign, today (Wednesday, March 31) announced that state employees raised $1,066,394 during this year’s effort.

The total amount raised consists of 3,110 employee payroll deduction pledges and donations from hundreds more employees through fundraising and individual contributions. 

The contributions are distributed among 37 charitable organizations – Community Health Charities – Minnesota, Community Shares Minnesota, Minnesota Environmental Fund, Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless, Peace Maker Foundation, United Arts Fund, United Negro College Fund, Greater Twin Cities United Way and 29 Greater Minnesota United Way Organizations.  These in turn, represent over 1,400 local, affiliated charities.

“Individually, our contributions might seem rather meager,” said Lt. Gov. Molnau, “But together it’s amazing to see what we can do.  I’m proud of the generous response of state employees to the campaign.”

“We’re grateful to state employees for their generosity,” said Doris Pagelkopf of the United Way. “The resources state employees are providing to the 37 charities will help improve life for many Minnesotans.  The contributions will support environmental, health, food, housing, arts, research and educational needs in both the metro area and Greater Minnesota.”

“State employees have a long history of giving,” said Pam Weier of the Minnesota Environmental Fund. “They continue to show their generosity and compassion for others by supporting the charities in their campaign. The donated funds will reach thousands and thousands of people across the state. We are very grateful for this!”

The Combined Charities Campaign, which runs during the month of October, dates back to 1983.  Each year, more than 200 volunteer coordinators assist with the fundraising by organizing local efforts in each of the State Agencies.

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