School District 15 considers locker advertising to boost revenues

lockersPink jellyfish floating across the lockers would help with shrinking budget revenues and rising costs. The St. Francis School District 15 School Board is weighing the pros and cons of allow advertising on school lockers.

The idea was presented to the board Aug. 9 by OMCM Marketing Solutions of Andover.

Bringing the locker advertisement into the district can help with the budget deficits, said Greg Meyer, OMCM Marketing Solutions president.

Using locker advertising can bring in $70,000 to $100,000 for the district if all the schools participate, he said.

See more in Tammy Sakry’s ABC Newspapers story.

Pink jelly fish could be floating across the lockers of the St. Francis School District 15 and bringing money into the school if the school board decides to allow OMCM Marketing Solutions to put advertising on the lockers. (Photo courtesy of The Courier)

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