Valid 21-day license permit will prevent charge of expired tabs

Q: Hi there trooper. I just purchased a car for my husband and the tabs on the car are expired. We haven’t gotten new tabs for the car yet but the seller gave us a 21-day permit to put on the back window to show officers that we just purchased the car and to show that it will be valid. Some people say we can still get pulled over even if we have the permit paper thing and some say we won’t. So will we still get pulled over?

Minneapolis, MN


I suppose if an officer does not see the permit, you could get pulled over.  However, assuming the permit is valid and still within the 21 days, it will get you off the hook for a charge of expired tabs. Thanks for asking and good luck.

Sgt. Curt S. Mowers
Public Information Office
Minnesota State Patrol

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