Kitchen fracas leaves man with critical injuries, suspect charged with attempted murder

Bail has been set at $1 million for an alleged knife-wielding attacker after an argument that started between kitchen employees at Q Mandarin
restaurant in Cambridge Sunday, Oct. 31 left two people wounded, one of
them critically.

By Evelyn Puffer
Contributing Writer

An argument that started between kitchen employees at Q Mandarin
restaurant in Cambridge Sunday, Oct. 31 left two people wounded, one of
them critically.

According to the criminal complaint filed in 10th District Court, the defendant, Jing-Hai Jiang had been accidentally bumped by another employee with a kitchen pan.

An argument quickly broke out and, according to a third employee,  Jiang allegedly swung what the complaint describes as “a square knife” or cleaver, cutting the first victim in the head, neck and hand.

The second victim attempted to intervene and was struck in the hand with the knife, leaving him bleeding severely.

Pictured: This was the scene outside the Q Mandarin Buffet, 100 Main Street South, in Cambridge around 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 31. Two employees were stabbed during an altercation with another employee earlier in the day. (Photo by Jon Tatting, Post Review)

Someone called 9-1-1, the two victims, both bleeding heavily, were put in a private vehicle that headed to Cambridge Medical Center ER and Jiang fled out the back door, leaving the weapon behind.

The first victim turned out to be critically injured and, according to the hospital, nearly died in the emergency room. He was resuscitated in the helicopter as well,  en route to Hennepin County Medical Center.

The second victim was treated at Cambridge Medical Center and was said to be recovering despite requiring major reconstructive surgery.

Search warrants were secured for the Q Mandarin at 100 So. Main St., the suspect’s residence on Joe’s Lake Road and his person once he was apprehended.

Following an intensive search involving Cambridge Police, Isanti and Anoka County sheriff’s deputies, the Minnesota State Patrol and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), the 49-year-old Jiang was found hiding in a shed on Horseshoe Drive on the southern edge of Cambridge.

According to police reports, the blood-spattered Jiang had offered a resident there money to drive him out of town.

The investigation and prosecution has been hampered by the fact that neither Jiang, nor the victims, or witnesses speak English fluently. An interpreter was required to assist Jiang during his bail hearing before Judge Robert Rancourt Nov. 2.

According to BCA agents, Jiang possessed a permanent U.S. resident card they suspected to be a forgery, and a Maryland drivers license. He has been living in Cambridge for a few months and working at the Q Mandarin.

Jiang, his wife, the restaurant owner, and several employees, all live at the Joe’s Lake Road residence in Cambridge.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Judge Rancourt set bail for Jiang at $1M without conditions or $500,000 with conditions after formally charging him with 1st degree-premeditated-attempted murder,  and 2 counts of 1st degree assault with great bodily harm, all felonies.

In setting the high bail Judge Rancourt said he believes Jiang to be a threat to public safety, including his victims and him to be a flight risk.

Should he make bail, Jiang is to be on conditional release supervision and subject to a GPS monitoring system.

 He is not to have contact with his alleged victims or their families, the Q Mandarin restaurant, or the residence of his victims, (where he also lived at the time of his arrest), and is to turn in any passport.

Through his interpreter, Jiang said he expects to be hiring his own attorney.

He is scheduled to appear next in court Nov. 10.

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