Downing, Anderson crowned king, queen

Lynk Downing and Megan Anderson were crowned king and queen at a pep fest last week during Snow Week festivities at Zimmerman High School.


Zimmerman High School’s Snow Week Pep Fest included a dance choreographed by the senior class. George Kratee did the back flip.

Brandon Kerr, the emcee of the pep fest, is holding the crown. Royalty, from left to right, includes Lynk Downing, Kameron Crandall, Christian Korlath and Joe Nielson.


Lynk Downing, who had just become Snow Week king for Zimmerman High School, did the crowning of the queen. Candidates were Hannah Olson, Megan Anderson, Kaylie Laxdal and Kayley Walkley.


George Kratee and Sammi Faulkner (both seniors) designed their dance themselves. It was a Tango combination Hip-Hop number w/ acrobatics, too. They were the crowd favorite at the pep fest.

Sammi Faulkner striking a pose.

George Kratee gettin' down.

Samuel Bender was one of the students to compete in a relay race game. Next up for him was a floor scooter and a mad dash to the finish line.

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